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Who We Are | St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Who We Are

Listed below are examples of our activities and commitment to the stewardship of God’s resources.

  • A liturgy that is based both in the roots of the Episcopal Church as well as being open to local expressions of worship.

A vibrant and progressive music program which includes:

  • A full choir comfortable with traditional to contemporary music
  • A two octave set of hand bells used in a choir setting and special events
  • A new Rogers Allegiant two manual drawknob organ

Strong pastoral outreach and participation:

  • Strong program of pastoral visitation to homebound and hospitalized members.
  • Shared services and events with other local congregations including Christ the King and St. Hilda's, Catonsville.
  • Participation in the Patapsco Valley Regional Council

Sponsorship of several special outreach events each year

  • Preparation of a parish based sustainability strategy to put into practice the responsible management of our resources.
  • An active Vestry that reflects the variety of interest and talents of our congregation
  • A dedicated Alter Guild that cares of the many historical service related artifacts, vestments and preparation for services.
  • An active Youth Vestry involved in both inreach and outreach to the community in need.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of the activities that St. Mary’s embraces. Our dedication is expressed in many and varied ways often given quietly by members of our parish

Mission of the church

St. Mary’s Church is a family congregation where with God’s help, we take care of each other, enabling us to reach out to the world in the name of Jesus Christ, sharing the fellowship of God’s love.

Holy Eucharist, 10 a.m. Sunday

5610 Dogwood Road, Woodlawn, Maryland 21207 410 944-4236

The Reverend Susan K. Oldfather, Priest-in-Charge

An Affirming Congregation

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